Our Research fields include design and manufacture of solid-state microwave integrated circuit, traveling wave tube amplifier high-voltage, high-power power supply, etc., and military radar sub-system development. The products are vertically integrated from hardware, software and institutional R & D. We also make strict requirements on ISO quality management and information security, and provide comprehensive and optimal solutions.

Solid State Microwave Device Design and Production

HMIC & MMIC Technology

Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier Design and Production

Ka Band TWTA    Ku Band TWTA 
X Band TWTA      C Band TWTA 

Military Radar Sub-system Technology

                                  uP Software and Hardware Design
                                   Automatic Frequency Control Units
                                   X-Band Microwave Transmitter
                                   L-Band Receivers
                                   Ka~S Band Amplifier

Power Supply DMS

Magnetron Modulators
Line-Type, SCR-Magnetic
Up to 30KV, 30A peak output

High Voltage High Power Switching Mode Power Supplies
PWM, SCR, QR Control
Switching Frequency up to 200KHz
Up to 26KV, 2KW output
               (A) The Helix Structure of Helix TWT
     (B)The Cavity Structure of Coupled-Cavity TWT

(C) Switching-Mode Power Supply Compare with Line-Type Power Supply

Compare Item Line-Type Power Supply Switching Mode Power Supply
Efficiency Low (30%~50%) High (>60%)
Size Large Small
Weight Heavy Light
Circuit Simple Complicated
Stability High Medium
Ripple Small Large
Transient Response Fast Medium
Cost Low(100%)(40W~150W) Medium(150%)
Electromagnetic Interference Small Large
Input Voltage Range AC source only DC or AC
Easy Assembly Transformer can not mount on PCB Component is easy mounting on PCB