Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier for Satellite News Vehicle


13.75~14.5 GHz (standard)
12.75~14.5 GHz (optional)

Traveling Wave Tube  

400 watts, dual collector

Output Power


400 watts, typical

Amplifier Flange


320 watts, minimum

Amplifier Gain


65 dB min

Gain Variation


4 dB max
2 dB max-optional

Gain Slope


0.03 dB max-over any 40MHz

Gain Stability


25 dB/24-hour-any
Frequency with constant drive

Gain Adjustment


0-20dB-continuously adjustable



.24 dBc at 7 dB back off

AM to PM Conversion


6°/dB at rated power

Harmonic Output


-60 dBc

Residual AM


<10 kHz-50 dBc
10 kHz to 500 kHz –20(1.15+LogF)
(F in kHz) max
>500 kHz –80 dBc

Phase Noise


IESS Phase Noise profile –6dBc
AC fundamental-30 dBc
Sum of all spurs –47 dBc

Noise and Spurious Outputs


-65 dBW/4kHz max

Input VSWR


13:1 max

Output VSWR


1.50:1 max



1.5:1 max-for spec. Compliance
2.0:1 max-for continuous operation

RF Connectors Input: N-type Female
Output: WR-75
SamplePort: N-type Female
Metering Liquid Crystal Display
4-line, 30 character, programmable
Monitored Forward Power (dBm, Watts)
Parameter Reverse Power (dBm, watt),
Cathode Voltage, Helix Current, Filament Voltage,
Filament Current, Cabinet Temperature(℃ or ℉),
TWT Base plate Temperature(℃ or ℉)
AC POWER 180~250 Vac , single phase
50/60 Hz 1300 VA (typical)
Mechanical 19” wide X 5.25” high x 24” deep. 67 lbs max
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Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier for Satellite News Vehicle
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