Microwave Tube Power Supply
Key Specification of SNG Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
Model LW-400Ku
  Microwave Medical Device For Hair Removal
System Specifications
Hight 48 inches/122 cm
Weight 150 lbs/68.2 kg
Footprint 30x30 inches/76x76 cm
Power Supply 110/220 VAC,50/60 Hz
Current 15 Amps
Coolant 1,1,1,2-tetraflouroethane

Avionic Transmitter Modular and System
  Automatic Frequency Controller
Pulse Transformer
Pulse Forming Network
Write Gun Bias Module
Military Radra Sub-System We Have Maintained
  IDF, GD-53 Fire Control Radar HVPS
  Multi-Function Display HVPS
  Head-Up Display (HUD) HVPS
  F-16, APG-66 Fire Control Radar Transmitter